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1. “The Digital Humanities Research on the Maritime Management and Narratives in Ming Dynasty,” (I, II, 104.8~106.7, integrated research project, granted by Ministry of Science and Technology, R.O.C.) with 4 sub-projects: Islands and Navigation, The Classics and Management, The Sea Battles Poems, The Thinking of Managing Wokou.

2. “The Integrated Curriculum Program in Oceanic Cultural Tourism,” (102.9~, integrated teaching project, granted by The Teaching Excellence Plan of Ministry of Education, R.O.C.), with 11 related courses by 7 teachers from Institute of Applied Economics, Institute of Oceanic Culture, Teacher Education Center and Institute of Education.

3. “Enrooting Oceanic Humanities and Innovating Social Practice: the Value Alignment and Model Shaping of Teaching and Research in Oceanic Humanities and Social Sciences,” (105.2.~106.1, integrated teaching and research project, granted by The Reconstruction Plan in Education and Development of Humanities and Social Sciences of Ministry of Education) with 7 sub-projects:: Oceanic Humanities and Society, Marine Liberal Education, Marine English, Marine Education, Oceanic Culture, Oceanic Cultural Creation and Marine Economy.

4. “The Professional Service Project in the Developmental and Operational System for the Museums and Local Cultural Centers of New Taipei City,” (105.9.21~106.1.21, industry and academic cooperation project, granted by Cultural Affairs Department of New Taipei City Government).

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